Seriously people

by Hella ~ May 5th, 2010


  1. Give me a little bit of time to respond to your request to be added
  2. Provide the full name of your school if you are an MBA student (there’s more than one UT, people!)
  3. Be an individually published, or small group written, blog
  4. Do not have tons of advertisements all over your site
  5. Be MBA-focused–if you have a fair number of off-topic, non-business school related posts or categories or maintain a more general blog, you will not be included
  6. Have a decent amount of content. New blogs or those with only a few posts will not be immediately added.
  7. Have patience (see #1!)

Request backlog now flushed

by Hella ~ February 19th, 2010

If you have submitted a request to be added and do not see your blog in the list, you might want to reconsider if it’s primarily MBA-focused, individually written by 1 author, not a general admissions resource website, and not loaded with advertising. There are some exceptions, but they are rare.

Winter blog list update

by Hella ~ December 13th, 2009

All pending requests to be added to the mba blog lists have been processed. If you are not appearing, you might want to check and see if your feed is valid. Remember, blogspot,, and most RSS 2.0 formats are supported. Feedburner and other aggregates are not supported and I will not add them.

Also, if your content is stale, only very loosely MBA-related, or appears that it exists only to support referral links, you are unlikely to be added.

A kind reminder

by Hella ~ August 9th, 2009

Before posting a comment or emailing me asking to be added to one of the blog lists, you should review your content and make sure you’re not writing about a lot of off-topic stuff, have a good bit of history (you didn’t just start blogging), and that you are courteous in your request.

All comments go into a moderation queue. Once I add you to the list, you’ll see your comment appear. I do get an email as soon as you comment, but I do not act on them immediately. Generally I take care of it several times a week. If many weeks have gone by and you don’t see yourself in the list, check above :-)

Also keep in mind that I maintain these lists and the software behind them. Not all blog feed formats are supported, but the most common (Blogger and WordPress) work just fine. Feedburner will not work. Other fancying up probably won’t either. I’m sorry if your format doesn’t work, but it’s time intensive to support new types and it’s unlikely that many others would benefit.

A bit of emphasis

by Hella ~ July 1st, 2008

I’ve had several requests recently from blogs that have a single short post or only a very few recent and also very short posts. Please be aware that I will not add these type of blogs right away. From my last post:

I regularly trim the list so that the server doesn’t continuously query up and analyze sites that do not have recent content. Please, build up a bit of content before posting a comment here asking to be listed.

If you ask to be added and haven’t been, consider your content.

  1. Do you have more than a few posts?
  2. Has your blog existed for more than a few days
  3. Is your blog focused on MBA-related topics?

If you do not answer yes to all three questions, “here’s your sign”.

Applicant blogs, mostly stale!

by Hella ~ May 1st, 2008

I just completed a trimming of the applicant blog list. The list started with 142 blogs. After de-activating blogs that did not have recent activity, some that weren’t focused on MBA-related topics, and moving some to the student list, there are now 54 left.

I regularly trim the list so that the server doesn’t continuously query up and analyze sites that do not have recent content. Please, build up a bit of content before posting a comment here asking to be listed. Also, keep in mind that these lists are intended to serve as a resource for those interested in reading about applicant, student, and alumni experiences by individual authors. It is only with rare exception that I consider adding blogs outside of this goal (yes, I know I list the Wharton Adcomblog, Clear Admit’s blog, and’s blog).

MBA blog lists now at Hella

by Hella ~ April 27th, 2008

I am now hosting the MBA blog lists right here on the main blog. To be added to a list, just leave me a comment on the page.

Blank blog titles fixed

by Hella ~ April 25th, 2008

If your MBA blog was appearing in the lists with a blank title, I have implemented a workaround to the scripts.

Blank blog titles

by Hella ~ April 22nd, 2008

I am aware of an issue where a few blogs on the MBA blog lists have blank titles. I have not been able to isolate the issue but it does seem limited to only a few blogs. Nothing has changed in the code and most listings continue to appear as normal. I continue to monitor this and hope to identify a resolution soon.

Spring cleaning on the blog lists

by Hella ~ April 3rd, 2008

It’s that time of year again … I’m cleaning up the MBA blog lists. Slowly, I’m going through and looking to see which sites are still active. For those that are not, I’m marking them as inactive so it doesn’t slow down the feeds. Let me know if you need to be added back by following these instructions. Thanks.