WordPress 1.2 Beta

by Hella ~ April 29th, 2004

Since the 1.2 Beta version of WordPress is now available, I decided to upgrade. I’ve done several upgrades in the past, and this one offered no surprises.

In upcoming versions, the old style of the hacks file will be superceded by the new plugins architecture so I have decided to shuck some of the old functionality of the site. The hacks were a bit cumbersome to maintain through the upgrades and the plugins promise to be much simpler.

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  1. DailyStatic

    Hella gets a face lift
    Brad is now running his blog on Word Pres 1.2 beta. It looks really good. Thanks for checking my blog Brad. :)

    You can check out his blog at hella.opencoder.org.

    Brad, if you check this trackback, can you give us an idea of what you plan to major…